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Beirut Graffiti

Posted on September 14, 2012

Back in my office cleaning days, it was always interesting to see how different people decorated their offices. You can tell a lot about a person by observing the slogans and images they surround themselves with.

Here is a collection of graffiti I found while exploring the streets within a few-mile radius of the American University of Beirut. Perhaps these images and slogans reveal some things about the young people and street artists of Beirut?


The Garage Portraits

Posted on August 8, 2012

So, just for fun, I had wanted to do a set of portraits juxtaposing a Roman Centurion with a red-plumed galea helmet against a modern punk rock warrior with a full-scalp mohawk. I envisioned the battle scene taking place on a rocky ridge cutting across an open field, with a dramatic, blood-red sunset in the background. Although a bit anachronistic, I decided to arm the Centurion with a battleaxe to create a metaphorical counterpart for the punk rocker’s guitar–the modern battleaxe. Now, it is worth mentioning that the metaphor isn’t all that deep. Unlike the punk rock vision of fighting the “system” with their guitars, the Roman military machine was, in fact, the “system” of their time. So, in reality, the scene would really juxtapose a modern rebel against the ancient “man.”

Unfortunately, not only were we unable to come up with a galea, but on the evening I borrowed two flashes for the shoot (a 580ex II and a 430ex, both Canon speedlites) from Life Story Photography, an unexpected storm rolled into the area. By the time the storm dissipated, it was dark. So, we ended up shooting a bunch of silly portraits inside the Okamoto’s garage. Thankfully, the white garage door provided a nice ceiling for bounce flash. We had to use the space creatively, but we ended up with a handful of good portraits–I especially like the one’s showing off Stevo’s Japanese tattoos with him holding his samurai sword.






After the storm, we did end up trying the original shoot idea on the driveway. The wet pavement created a kind-of-cool effect. Certainly it wasn’t my original vision, but it was a fun shoot nonetheless.


Special thanks to Life Story Photography, the Okamotos, Stevo Okamoto in particular, Jesse Stratton, Daryl Gochnauer, and Nick Kienzle.






Truck Photos

Posted on June 29, 2012

I’m not really a truck kind of guy, let’s face it. I have nothing against trucks, I think they’re cool and they can be useful, but I doubt I’ll ever buy one.


Two of my clients, East Coast Diesel (a performance diesel shop and online parts distributor) and CJ Wagner (an automotive repair, body work, and towing shop), on the other hand, have some sweet trucks to show off:


A Quick Multi-Exposure Experiment

Posted on June 7, 2012

Just a quick practice session blending various exposures. We didn’t take much time, so I didn’t properly expose my subject on all of them (hence the reason my wife looks like a magazine cut-out in some of the pictures), but I just wanted to see if could done to create a cool effect. Some of the photos consist of Adobe Bridge HDR merged background (like the one where the clouds don’t line up), but I also did some section-specific hand blending on the far away ones to get the exposure balance I was looking for.


Memorial Day Picnic Photos

Posted on June 6, 2012

Just practicing my photo skills a bit–I created a Photoshop action to batch sharpen the images and add a little beginning-of-summer colorization without needing to edit each photo individually.