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Beirut Gathers for Wissam al-Hassan

Posted on October 23, 2012

After the brutal bombing that killed several and wounded many on Friday afternoon, thousands gathered in Downtown Beirut near the Martyr’s Square statue for the funeral ceremony of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces brigadier general Wissam al-Hassan. Rebecca and I visited the square on Saturday night–we just missed the rally called by the 14 March coalition–and we attended al-Hassan’s funeral service on Sunday. Here are a few photos from both times we went down there:

Beirut Graffiti

Posted on September 14, 2012

Back in my office cleaning days, it was always interesting to see how different people decorated their offices. You can tell a lot about a person by observing the slogans and images they surround themselves with.

Here is a collection of graffiti I found while exploring the streets within a few-mile radius of the American University of Beirut. Perhaps these images and slogans reveal some things about the young people and street artists of Beirut?