Lucian and Rebecca Avadanei Engagement

Posted on March 23, 2015

My dear, dear friend Lucian Avadanei married his beautiful bride, Rebecca (previously Strock) Avadanei, both in Romania (where he is from) and the United States (where she is from). That’s right: two weddings in two countries! Unfortunately, due to university, I could only make the ceremony in the United States. I was honored to serve both as his best man and his pre-ceremony photographer! 🙂

Luci and Rebecca are incredibly beautiful people. They are investing their lives in serving orphans in several orphanages in and around Luci’s hometown of Piatra Neamt, Romania. You can follow their compassionate work at:

*These photos are from an engagement shoot I did with them in early 2014; I’ll put up my pre-wedding photos later.IMG_5688IMG_5677IMG_5721IMG_5866IMG_5849IMG_5853IMG_5858


Justus Hibshman Photos

Posted on March 23, 2015

Justus Hibshman ranks among the most remarkable individuals I have ever met. He possesses a razor-sharp mind that is guided by both his unwavering commitment to truth and his exuberant sincerity.

I took these photos in 2013, prior to his high school graduation. He is currently studying Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Special thanks to The Bahney House in Myerstown for letting us use their super cool attic for the indoor shots!

justus-wide-ultra-style-1Justus HibshmanJustus HibshmanJustus HibshmanJustus Hibshmanjustus-windows-style-1justus-windows-style-2justus-close-parking-super-stylizedJustus Hibshman

TVC Homes

Posted on July 19, 2013

At Wex Marketing we are working with a client–who is also a longtime family friend of mine–Tri-Valley Contractors. Clyde Patches, the owner, asked me to do a video with a couple in their just-finished, brand-new home in Reinholds, PA. It was a fun shoot to do because the couple, Jeff and Tina Davis, were glowing with satisfaction as they talked about how excited they are to share their home with their friends and family. One of the things I liked the most about their home was the gorgeous view of the mountains from their back porch.

I shot the video with my Canon 60D and the EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 lens. Since the home was just completed (and therefore unfurnished), the audio was a bit of a challenge. We hung some painting drop-cloths up to cut down on some of the echo, but it was still there. I worked for a while in Adobe Audition to try to clean it up.

The Tri-Valley construction guys actually took down some of their siding and disassembled the porch railing so I could get those shots. Jeff and Tina kindly came in to the Tri-Valley showroom at a later date so I could get shots of them talking with Clyde and Lorna as they had during their initial home designing process.

All said, I am pretty satisfied with the final project for a single-camera job. In the future, I’d love to rent a jib to get some sweeping full-property shots when making a testimonial video like this.

Tri-Valley Contractor’s Nate Wenger Portrait

Posted on April 19, 2013

I was filming at Tri-Valley Contractors (a Lebanon, Pennsylvania custom home builder that I am doing a promo video for–through my small business marketing company) when one of their team members (Nate Wenger) asked me to take a new photo for his business cards. I sent them to Nate on a white background as he requested for the sake of his cards–but I really appreciated the natural step gradient created by the window shutters in the background, so I thought I’d share this version of the shot.

Matsunoki Fine Skin Art and Adam Schlegel

Posted on April 2, 2013

Matsunoki Fine Skin Art and his client-and-friend Adam Schlegel. Adam is getting a sweet tribal piece across his upper arm. Although the pictures don’t do justice, I love the range of blues across the tattoo. I don’t have a tattoo, but if I did, I’d want something pretty vibrant too. I just took these photos quickly at the end of a long session–but the main reason I had my camera out was to create a time-lapse video of Adam’s session in the chair. I’ll put that up when I have it–but it’ll take me some time because there are a total of like 2,500 pictures! Even as jpegs, the files take up 13.4 gigs of my hard drive! Crazy! 🙂


adam-and-steve dramatic-tattoo-shot

IMG_3553-small IMG_3546-small IMG_3214-small matsunoki adams-tribal-tattoo

Mason the Musician

Posted on March 21, 2013

Living with our friends the Okamotos has been a blast in general–but one of our favorite things is playing with Stephen and Cassie’s son Mason. Like his father before him, he is a musician in the making. I discovered this when I was sitting with him and pulled out Stephen’s guitar. “Quick! Christina! Bring me my camera! Look at the way he concentrates!” Filming with one hand and holding him was a challenge, so I set him down a few times. Freed, he left the guitar for a moment and went for the nearest outlet. Freed again, he dashed for my coffee mug. So, I filmed the rest with one hand. 🙂

*Filmed with a Canon 60D, EF-S 17-55 f/2.8, edited with Premiere Pro CS5.5.

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